Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why do we have NETS when we don't have NEC (National Educational Curriculums)?

I am amazed at all the partners that worked on or agreed to the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). The list of partners is very comprehensive.

However, I am very concerned that so many partners could agree on National Educational Technology Standards, while the USA does not yet have national curriculums for English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education. We cannot truly talk about technology integration in students' learning until we know the curriculum or stated purposes of subject area learning.

If we really believe that technology integration exists to improve student learning, then why do we have NETS when we don't have NEC (National Educational Curriculums)?

Let's have the same organizations come together and have them establish national curriculum that all agencies accept in the same way that almost all agencies, even down to the school district level, have accepted NETS.

I realize that each national educational organization such as National Council of Teachers of English/ International Reading Association has its standards but they are not acknowledged as the curriculum that all students in all states are to follow. I know that in New York I do not hear any P-12 teacher refer to the NCTE/IRA standards; they do refer to the “New York State Learning Standards” for English.

How can NETS be so prevalent when national curriculums are not? Is technology more important than curriculum?


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