Saturday, November 19, 2005

Misconceptions About Learning and Technology

I just read Robert J Marzano's Building Background Knowledge for Academic Success: Research on What Works in Schools (ASCD, 2004). I appreciate his blend of theory and practice. One school gives a daily reading tip based on Marzano. Marzano points out the misconceptions that we have about vocabulary learning. He shows that word frequency it not a valid indicator of knowing a word since jellybean occurs very rarely but it is easily recognized by readers. Also, he demonstrates that giving a definition of a word does not lead to knowing what a word means; student have to translate that word into their own meaning. Furthermore, he shows that assuming that students will learn vocabulary by simply reading more is not valid; unless they encounter the same word in different contexts, they will not understand the word.

A science friend says that his students have more misconceptions that solid conceptions about science.

I wonder what misconceptions we have in education and technology?

Maybe it is a misconception that we teachers....

Know more about a topic than our students can easily find on the Internet?

Can explain things more clearly than a Internet website can?

Know more about how to integrate technology into our classes than our students do?

Think that the written word is exciting to today's multimedia students?

What other misconceptions do you have to offer?


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