Monday, January 16, 2006

Eportfolios Public Presentations and Review

In December, students in the School Of Education's Undergraduate Inclusive program of Block 1, Block 2, Student Teaching and the Graduate Elementary program used electronic portfolios to demonstrate their progress in the School of Education's five proficiencies. Those proficiencies consist of Critical Reflection and Explanation of Practice; Content knowledge; Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy; Assessment of Student Learning; and Professional Conduct and Collaboration.

The students presented a brief overview of their portfolios at Public Portfolio presentations that Supervising Teachers, university faculty and teacher preparation students attended. Students from Block 1, Block 2, Student Teaching, and Graduate Elementary saw a condensed verision of each other's eportfolios. Those students in the beginning of the program could see the high level that the Student Teachers had achieved in the proficiencies. The Student Teachers could see their own proficiency progress as they watched eportfolios from earlier blocks.

Those attending the presentations gave some feedback to the students. All the reviewers gave written feedback and most also gave oral feedback. The reviewers asked for clarifications, probed for more details, gave suggestions for improvement, and offered praise with specific reason.


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