Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eportfolio: Student Accoutability and Student Choice

As future teachers, we want you to be decision makers in your own class.”

In your pre-service teaching eportfolio, you will include the following assignments.”

We believe in constructivism.”

Put these things in the boxes in your electronic portfolio.”

You are to include these five assignment.”

I have another assignment that I know better shows my ability to assess students based on my placement.”

Tell why these prescribed assignments are meaningful to you.”

You told me to do them; they do not have any meaning for me.”

Reflect on why you included this assignment.”

You told me too.”

Reflect on this assignment.”

Do you want how much I liked it or what I learned from it?”

Show us many pictures of your placement.”

I'ld prefer to only show a few with well chosen captions.”

We've got a record of all your scores.”

How do I show my passion for teaching and my love of students?”


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