Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Eportfolios: Digital StoryTelling and Proficiencies

Joe Lambert and Helen Barrett emphasize the importance of digital storytelling. “A story can be as short as explaining why you bought your first car or house or as long

as War and Peace. Your own desires in life, the kinds and types of struggles you have

faced, and, most importantly, the number and depth of realizations you have taken

from your experience all shape your natural abilities as an effective storyteller.” http://www.storycenter.org/cookbook.pdf

What is the role of digital storytelling and proficiencies?

A story focuses often focuses on a critical revelation or turning point about yourself.

For example, a student would be high in storytelling and low in proficiency based if she tells of the sadness of leaving her placement. She might tell about the great relationship she developed with students from another culture when she started out afraid of them.

Another student may be high in proficiency and low in storytelling if he shows how he did several prescribed subproficiency.

Storytelling and proficiency can be combined. Charlotte, a pre-service teacher, tells the story of how she realized in her placement that Jose was not doing well in school due to his writing skills. She tells of how she noticed that he seemed dazed everytime he was given a writing assignment and how he struggled for a while and then gave up. She relates that she wanted to help him. She describes several classroom writing assessments that she has used and desribes how she analyzed those assessments to find out more about the students in general and Jose specifically. Her pivotal moment was when she discovered Jose's lack of organization in writing. She tells of how she worked with Jose and a few other students to use graphic organizers on the school's computers and notecards at home. She shares Jose's ups and downs in dealing with organization. She shares her joy at seeing Jose begin to organize his ideas and notices how he seems so less stressed over the writing. After many weeks of work, Jose hands in a well organized writing assignment and Charlotte is so excited and happy for Jose. Charlotte has told a story and at the same time demonstrated several proficiency such as those for Assessment (knows of several different assessment, uses pre, during and post assssments; informs classroom learning based on assesssments).


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