Thursday, April 20, 2006

Videoconferencing's Purpose and Place in a Learning Unit

The educators' academic purpose for videconference determines where the videconference fits into the learning unit:

an introduction to the unit
an activity during the unit
several activities during the unit
the main activity during the unit
the only activity in the unit
an end of the lesson summary
a follow up activity to the unit
and a special motivation.

So where do you place your videconference in your learning unit? Why is that an effective location? How does your assessment reflect that learning purpose?


At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Megan Skramko said...

Hi Harry,

Working in a rural district I can see how videoconferencing could be great for our schools. I think most importantly for the high schoolers who are looking at careers and higher education. I think it helps keep other costs down and makes things more available. Things like meeting people and having conversations with other people outside of the 80 people in your graduating class. I think that it can build students and make them more open and aware to what is out there. Even meeting others and learning about other cities or cultures. I think it would be great for students to be able to talk to live people that are professionals to help them decide on their careers. It is also a nice avenue for "virtual field trips" as the cost of gas increases many of our schools are cutting field trips you can do awesome things with doctors or even lawyers and allow the students to experience things they wouldn't normally. The nice thing about it is in our school we do block scheduling so you could have the video conference and then instead of leaving the place after visiting on a trip and losing a lot of the content you can finish up the class with an activity or reflection and get a better product. Hope this makes sense!


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