Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wiggins, Assessment/Feedback, and Technology Use

Grant Wiggins stresses that teachers spend too much teaching and covering content and not enough time in assessing.

He asserts that good feedback systems

are quick and ongoing,

are contextual,

address individuals,

model desired behaviors,

are specific,

break tasks intosubparts,

provide multiple opportunities for retrying,

are descriptive,

include what learners did and did not do,

and have a shared vocabulary.

(Wilcox, John. “Less Teaching, More Assessing” Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Education Udate Feb 2006 Vol 48-2, 1-8)

So how do we build these features in when technology is used? For example, how do we include these feedback features when our class videconferences with another class or with an expert? Is the videconferencing about teaching content or about assessing students' learning? One way to answer that question is through a series of feedback questions:
How often is everyone assessed?
What type feedback is each person given?
If the answer is often and formative, then student learning is the focus.


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