Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Technology Integration Questions

My position has changed this year so that I will be working with public schools in technology integation. I am excited since I have done this before about nine years ago. I will be interested to see how much technology integration has actually changed in P12 schools. I know that there has been an influx of technology into the schools and that the newer teachers know how to mechanically use technology.

The question is "How can I help teachers to improve student learning through technology?" I do many workhops and conference presentations for P12 teachers so I have some idea. There is a drastic difference between technology use and improving student learning through technology. Also, there is a drastic difference between improving student learning through technology and meeting school's goals through technology use. I have done many in school inspections where I analyzed technology inspection and student learning.

Some questions I have for myself for this year are
How closely related is the teacher's technology use to the stated student learning? It the particular use an effective and efficient one?
How many different technology use strategies do teachers employ in their class?
How many teachers want their students to interact with people from other states and nations so their students will be global students?
How willing are teachers to use data to measure student learning on a weekly basis?
How willing are teachers to change how the presently use technology if those uses are not focused on building or departmental goals?
Do teachers only focus technology use on the "big tests" or do they focus on 21st century skills?
How often do teachers model good technology use in their presentations?
How often is technology used to foster higher level thinking skills as opposed to lower level memorization skills?


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